Welcome! We are a formulations marketing company, created with the intent of making a difference. Since our inception, we have managed to carve a niche for ourselves in the hugely competitive Indian Pharmaceutical market; and are recognized for our concept selling skills.

"The groundwork for all happiness is health" -Anon.


Our premise is to create a Tidal Wave in Healthcare- by offering Innovative Solutions to Treat Common Health Problems. Accordingly, we have adopted the vision statement “Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Therapy”. Keeping with our vision, we have consciously steered away from marketing me-too products. The attempt is to offer solutions to pressing, yet hitherto untapped, clinical presentations.

Whether by adopting niche molecules, or using innovative technologies to enhance the efficacy and safety profile of molecules, we look for a conscious point to differentiate our offerings in the market place. The quality that we ensure and assure is a source of pride for us.

“The greatest wealth is health” -Anon


  • hinking.
    As individuals we will constantly innovate, analyze and creatively improve what we do, how to do better.
  • nvolvement.
    Success is rarely the outcome of individual brilliance, it is rather our collective involvement and spirit of team building that creates formidable institutions.
  • D etermination.
    We will be determined and
    keep on going, in spite of all the roadblocks , to turn our collective dreams into reality.
  • A ction.
    We shall swiftly put our plans into action and reach for the stars.
  • L earning.
    As an organization we will keep learning from our lessons, to evolve as a better company.

“Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings” -Anon


The founders of Tidal have been associated with the pharmaceutical industry for the last four decades. The people at the helm of Tidal today have a rich and varied experience in project management, marketing, production planning, finance, insurance, risk management and training.

Along with our experience, We have consciously developed and sustained strong partnerships with leading suppliers to ensure that the best ingredients are built into our products. We continuously seek to enhance value to all our stakeholders: our customers, consumers, shareholders, partners, employees and society. The trust and confidence that we enjoy from all our stakeholders is the bedrock upon which we stand today.